I'm Hanusch, a passionate digital media creator focused on film, photography, and sounddesign.
My dedication is the art of audiovisual storytelling. I believe that storytelling has the unique ability to touch hearts, inspire minds, and ignite emotions.
Through my photography, I aim to freeze moments in time and highlight the beauty and complexity of our world. My film projects are similarly focused on storytelling and sharing the human experience. Meanwhile, my sounddesign work adds another layer of emotion and depth to visual projects.
I acquired valuable knowledge during my diploma studies in media design & communication in Innsbruck. Additionally, I honed my expertise and skills through an internship and subsequent part-time role at the creative agency VirtKreativ (www.virtkreativ.com), along with various freelance projects. I gained a lot of experience in editing and working on a film set through my work for VirtKreativ.
I am constantly pushing myself to grow and evolve, and I am always excited to take on new challenges and collaborate with others to create something truly special. 
Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy exploring my work. Also Feel free to reach out; I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Let's create magic together! <3
Warm regards,
Hanusch Reisinger